Every project begins with a spark. From the meeting point between a client’s dream and an idea it has inspired within me, the creation process begins. Be attentive to the costumers and study very well their needs, aspirations and preferences is the primary and most essential step for the success of the process. On this ground, I develop the concept that is meant to provide them with the optimal response, and as the dialogue is more productive, so it is more experiential, fun and leads to the desired result.

The work process includes extensive planning of the space and its surroundings, conceiving creative solutions for constraining issues when it is required, and/or for unusual needs, designing the nature of the project and choosing items and products that will complete the concept. In each step of the selection the clients receive close guidance, and the process is accompanied by a performance of computer simulations for examining the various options and making decision basing on an optimally realistic photo. Implementing the vision to practice requires a meticulous work of working plans preparation, quantity writings, and selecting the most appropriate professionals for the execution.

All of these, the clients receive personally from me and the work staff, along with a strict supervision over the workflow. An uncompromising quality is the goal which we strive to achieve in every project, big and small alike, and thus, the final result is “Total Design”- planning the space and designing it in a complete, cohesive and professional way, down to the very last detail.