The Studio

Oron Milshtein is an interior designer, with a BA in Interior Design of the College of Management Academic Studies. Since 2009, Milshtein is the owner of an independent office for space planning and interior design, that focuses on fashion stores, showrooms and luxury housing (apartments and houses).

Oron and the designers staff that works to his side, take credit for a plentiful experience in planning and designing unique projects, characterized by originality and uncompromising quality. Oron’s individual signature is expressed by a young, a little sassy and sophisticated precise style. His aesthetic language is mainly minimalist, he knows how to ‘break’ through the use in bold colors, textures and original and interesting elements that integrate harmoniously and provide each project with a uniqueness of its own as well as a coherent statement.

Projects performed by Oron gained international impressive exposure, and his works are published in various medias both in Israel and abroad.